Spirit of Truth Christian Church

6505 Old Branch Avenue, #102 | Temple Hills, MD 20748

Telephone:  (301) 758-3777

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Who is God?

Meet the Pastor


Since I was a very young man, I have had a "calling" on my life.  God would not allow me to disregard his calling, nor would He allow me to mistake it for anything else; He has convinced me that my calling is real.  He has done so by influencing my thoughts and by a continual inward urging.  He has called me through people, often strangers whom I would never see again, confirming His calling for me to pursue the ministry.  I am a graduate of the Trinity College of the Bible and hold a Bachelors Degree in Ministry.

Having concluded my formal training for the ministry, I am very excited about where God is leading me!

My ministry's  objective is to win the lost to Jesus Christ.  To facilitate the upbringing of strong and knowledgeable disciples for Jesus Christ, it is my desire to pastor a church willing to seek God and to do God's will with all its heart, mind, and soul.

For over 34 years, I worked in one leadership capacity or another in several churches.  God has been leading me to the day when I would accept His calling for my life.  I have dedicated myself to this ministry and am dedicated to the goals and purposes as set forth by the objective.  My journey has been, and continues to be a walk of faith -- a walk where God has proven Himself time and time again.  I am humbled and prepared to do God's work and His will.

My wonderful wife, Arie Dell and I have three beautiful children, Geoffrey, Jasmine, and Jessica. Yes, twins indeed!  The heavenly Father has blessed me richly with a God-fearing wife who has sacrificed herself so that I could prepare myself for ministry.  I am truly grateful.

God has given me a vision of a church that is operating fully in His will, a church that understands that God is not interested in our outward appearance, but looks deeper into our willingness to be faithful and obedient to him.  God has pressed on my heart the desire to preach and teach the Gospel to the lost and to all who will call upon the name of Jesus as Lord and Savior.  God also has graciously given me the ministry of reconciliation.  I look forward to this important work in a church that understands that now is the time and the place for this work to go forward.

As I close this short personal note, I pray that you have felt my heart for God.  I pray that my heart and love for him has transcended every word.